The best band in the world! Why?

Written by Sabine Demosthenes

MONTREAL – It took me a few days to write about the best damn show of the year, which I saw at the Bell Centre last Thursday, September 20th, 2018.

You may have heard of a certain Paul McCartney, Rusty Anderson, Brian Ray, Abe Laboriel Jr and Paul ‘Wiz’ Wickens. If not (and that would be a major surprise!), I strongly recommend going on YouTube to watch some videos, see one of their concerts live (or on iTunes) or buy their latest album: Egyptian Station. It is actually the number one album in Canada.

It was my second time seeing them live and you know what, it felt like it was my first time.


Simply because they have the ability to give the best concert you will ever saw and make you feel part of it. Even if it’s been more than 15 years of being together as a band and they have played in the biggest arena in the world, you feel this special feeling watching a fun band in a small club.

Where do I begin my review?

First of all, the sound quality was perfect. The sound crew are probably the best there is. You could hear each instrument and each lyric with such clarity. I’m sending my shoutout to Paul McCartney’s sound crew!

Second, I was happily surprised to see some new members such as….. (I am waiting on Macca’s team to give me the names of the horn players)

The best part was seeing a band having fun and being happy doing what they love. I still get chills with just the thought of it.

I won’t write all the songs they played, but I will be all nostalgic and say it was a beautiful marriage between nostalgia and the future.


They played the Fab Four classics. They jammed with the sound of Wings, but they played some of the new stuff on their brand new album. They played with such ease considering it was 3 hours non-stop. Paul spoke in French on top of it all! He was very good.

Ok, I’m must admit, I cried like a baby during the rendition of Something. Like big time! But I am not ashamed.

Rusty and Brian were giving us some serious guitar riffs and the band did a little shoutout to Jimy Hendrix.

Wix was, as always, the ethereal keyboardist. I was pretty close to the stage and could see Abe and Wix exchanging some funny faces between them, having the biggest smiles on their faces.

Oh oh! Speaking of Abe. One sentence: The best drummer of the 21st century. I rest my case.

For me, there are probably two bands in the world that seem to be so alive and so happy on stage. Bruce Springsteen and The East Side Band and Paul McCartney and his boys. I saw some Bruce Springsteen shows on DVD, but I haven’t gotten the chance to see him and his band live. So for me, if I have to choose between the two of them, I’m team Macca.

For 3 hours, I didn’t think of what a certain person by the number 45 is tweeting or the current state of our beautiful planet and mankind. I was in a beautiful bubble with thousands of fans and my valentine being happy.

Being the music lover that I am, I imagined that I was jamming with them (It’s on my bucket list – jamming with Rusty, with Godin’s electric guitar).

As we left after the concert to go back to our little world, I was wondering if we would ever feel this beautiful, happy feeling of love again as that was what the concert was all about.

I guess we still can as Paul and his boys showed us.


We are ready for Emily Haines and The Soft Skeletons!

We’ve waited a long time for this show.

The wait is over!

Emily Haines

Emily Haines will entertain us December 4th, 2017 at The Sainte-Thérèse Avila Church in Sainte-Therese.

I am like a little kid right now. I’m all excited and I can’t wait to hear songs like Fatal Gift, Legend of the Wild Horses, Statuettes, and many more.

Emily Haines and The Soft SkeletonEmily H.

I wrote a nice chronicle about Emily’s new solo album, Choir of the Mind.

Statuette with Emily Haines

This is how you start the holiday season, with an ethereal and kick-ass concert, in a beautiful venue. What a beautiful gift from Miss Haines!

You can be sure I will be there like the huge fan that I am. Afterwards, yours truly, the Chronicle girl will post some beautiful pictures, and maybe, some surprises on The Chronicle.

It will be an honor to share with you this visceral experience, but I think it will be even more special if “you are in Montreal” you can all join us and be taken away by Emily and her Soft Skeleton, just for one night.


I can’t wait to discover this world next Monday!


Join us!

Emily Haines Website

Santa Teresa Facebook Page

Coldplay is here

We are Diamonds taking shape.

My fifth time with the boys in the city of a thousand church.

I won’t go tonight as The Chronicle but I will enjoy the show as a die-hard fan since 1999.

The first time I heard the song Shiver from their debut album Parachutes on a college radio station, the guitar riffs of Jonny Buckland, my mind definitely had an adventure of a lifetime.

Being part of this beautiful journey (I’m still talking about the concert) is so magical. I was never disappointed in 17 years ( whattttt already).

It will be this big colourful party and in Montreal, we know how to party like rock legends. So much that the band cannot get enough of us. They will playing tomorrow night.

Lucky us!

I can hear the next question you will ask me. What is your top 10 favorite Coldplay song?

It will be a hard list to do but here we go:

10) High Speed (Parachutes album)

We’ve been like inside a bubble. Confidence in you is confidence in me
It’s confidence in high speed

9) God Put A Smile upon Your Face ( A Rush of Blood to the Head Album)

8) A Whisper ( A Rush of Blood to the Head Album)

7) Warning Sign ( A Rush of Blood to the Head Album)

6) Twisted Logik ( X&Y album)

5) Fix you ( X &Y album)

4) Cemetaries of London ( Viva la Vida album)

3) Shiver (Parachutes album)

2) Death and All His Friends ( Viva la Vida Album)

1) Square one (X&Y album)

Probably, you will read tomorrow Chronicle and I will write on and on and on about tonight show.

I’m more a fan of their earlier work as you may see it but I do enjoy the news stuff they are doing but I wish they could be more daredevil like The Beatles or even Arcade Fire. They did it on the Viva La Vida Album and I was like ohhh yeah.

And with the 2 last albums, they went more popish and collaborated more with the RockaFella family.

Please guys, take the same road you were walking on Viva la Vida with Lanois and Eno.

They are still one of the best band of our generation and they won’t disappoint us tonight at all. I even wear my running shoes because I know you will hear about a tall black girl jumping à la Phoebe Bouffet everywhere. You’ve have been warned.

Stay tuned at the same Chronicle Channel, same Chronicle time (hmm maybe not).

Everything NOW

Everything now, I need it! Everything now!

Arcade Fire are back in a big way. The single Everything Now is playing everywhere and we are so happy to hear them. This is what the doctor order for us in 2017.

Arcade Fire 2017

Everything now for me especially this time is a sentence that have so much meaning. Afraid to miss something out, seeing your soulmate fighting one of his biggest fight, saying goodbye to a loved ones and just seeing the state of our society but we won’t let it drown. Instead, we will fight for a peaceful and equal rights for everyone.

Everything Now represent all that for me.

EN 2017

The song actually have this disco chill out vibe and subtility of the flute is just mesmerizing. You cannot help yourself but you want to dance in this very cool way. It’s been two days that I take the train to go at work and my head is moving to the beat of this song.


Ready to Start, Wake Up, Suburban War, Sprawl II “Mountains Beyond Mountains”, Haïti (my song), No Cars Go, the legendary Rebellion, Joan of Arc, Neon Bible, Reflektor and many more  are some of the epic anthems of our generation and our time.

They are from Montreal, my hometown and they are very damn proud to represent the Haitian community. It is shown on the majority of their songs but you can see it to with the dedication they have for the Kanpé Foundation.


This September, I will dance like I was at a carnaval at their concert and of course guys I will do a little review about it. Here a nice video from the Kanpe Karnaval that I took.

But in the meantime, I will close my eyes and focusing on our time, our goal and realizing that … Everything is NOW.

Everything Now Official Music Video


Close Talker

The Saskatoon groovy band Close Talker will be in town tomorrow night at the Divan Orange.

How to celebrate the start of the weekend? Seeing a really cool indie rock band at the epic Divan Orange seem to be one good solution.

I can’t stop listening to their new album Lens. It’s the type of album if you just want to chill at home while reading a good book, you will be shelter by the atmosphere it does create.


Or, if you want to throw a really cool house party, this album should be on the playlist for the night. The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire. It’s upbeat, atmospheric like the group Washed Out but at the same time hunting like Radiohead.

Close Talker

Credits: Rachel Pick

The beautiful picture you just saw was taken by the talented Rachel Pick. I really love that picture. You feel the unity between the three members.

I am adding the link to a nice article that was written about them on the Beatroute that I found really fascinating.

I’m so proud of the Canadians bands we have. When you go see a show at some cool venues like The Divan Orange, The Olympia, The Metropolis and others, you feel this familiarity with the band.

Divan Orange

Tomorrow, I can guarantee you will feel a lot of good musically vibrations with Close Talker. After a nice dinner with friends, grab a cab and let’s go jamming at the Divan Orange with them.

Canadian style!

We love you Said The Whale

On a very rainy Thursday night, the Vancouver band Said The Whale gave to the Montreal crowd a hell of a show.

With the help of the energetic Toronto band, remember this name people, Fast Romantics, they gave their heart and soul on stage. It was a really nice discovery and the band members are sweethearts.

Here some shots of the show I took of the Fast Romantics:

Really soon, a new album will come from the T-Dot band (it is on my list) and you can hear their first single Why We Fight that I really love. An amazing opening act from a very promising band.

Here the main event. What I really love with the Montrealers crowd is that they are as much part of the show as the band. Since Thursday, I keep playing their new album As Long as your Eyes are Wide like non-stop. It’s a brand new album that came out a few weeks ago. I will put the link to my post I did last week about them. Micky (my sweet and fun friend) and I witnessed the magic and the charm of this Vancouver band. And with all the people that was there on that rainy Thursday night, we were having the time of our lives.

I will let my pictures telling the story of this beautiful night.


Here the pictures one by one:




While my Guitar gently Weeps


One of my favorite picture I took:



Thank you STW for this beautiful night.

Said The Whale