Close Talker

The Saskatoon groovy band Close Talker will be in town tomorrow night at the Divan Orange.

How to celebrate the start of the weekend? Seeing a really cool indie rock band at the epic Divan Orange seem to be one good solution.

I can’t stop listening to their new album Lens. It’s the type of album if you just want to chill at home while reading a good book, you will be shelter by the atmosphere it does create.


Or, if you want to throw a really cool house party, this album should be on the playlist for the night. The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire. It’s upbeat, atmospheric like the group Washed Out but at the same time hunting like Radiohead.

Close Talker
Credits: Rachel Pick

The beautiful picture you just saw was taken by the talented Rachel Pick. I really love that picture. You feel the unity between the three members.

I am adding the link to a nice article that was written about them on the Beatroute that I found really fascinating.

I’m so proud of the Canadians bands we have. When you go see a show at some cool venues like The Divan Orange, The Olympia, The Metropolis and others, you feel this familiarity with the band.

Divan Orange

Tomorrow, I can guarantee you will feel a lot of good musically vibrations with Close Talker. After a nice dinner with friends, grab a cab and let’s go jamming at the Divan Orange with them.

Canadian style!

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