My answer to one of my prayers

Gary Clark Jr is the answer of this prayer.

The guy is magnificent, energetic, pragmatic and one hell of a musician.


If you wonder how Blues, Rock, Hip Hop, Soul, Funk and a little bit of Country can co-exist, your prayers has been answer too. And it is so nicely and perfectly done.

Rocking his Gibson

I kept playing over and over The Story of Sonny Boy Slim like there a no tomorrow. The first song with the first guitar rift with a big yeah, oh my you are starting to move and to enter this beautiful universe.

The story of Sunny Boy Slim

Gary Clark Jr make me think sometime of Marvin Gavin with his soulful voice. Oh mercy mercy me!

His guitar style is a psychedelic mix of Clapton and Prince. Oh yes, you read it. Can we believe that it is possible? Like Obama used to said ” yes we can”. They called him The Chosen One! And The Chosen One have the same intensity as Jimmy Page.

Two legends

There is a brand new live album. It is the bomb. This proud Austin Texas child will be touring this summer across the States and few dates on the Grand North aka Canada. That’s a pity that they don’t have a Montreal date but he will be at the Ottawa Blues fest on July 12th. I smell road trip Chronicle Style. Maybe, I will have the chance to meet this fine artist.

While I am writing those sentences, I’m listening to his song Can’t Sleep. Catchy song and I’m dancing on my ride to work. And what I love with some artists is that they are as passionate with their music and still have a very humble personality.


Thank you The Chosen One for making fall in love all over again with the blues with a twist.

Gary Clark Jr Website



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