In the name of Jaanika Peerna

Last Thursday, I was witnessing a very unique and visceral exhibition from a really engaging and passionate that captivated my mind and my soul. I’m pretty convinced I wasn’t the only one.

She is a New Yorker that will rock your world with her art. She is not afraid to break some walls with the simplest tools. In this exhibition,  a long white plastic paper, black pencils and ice was all she need. You must think why ice. You will discover in the audio interview.

I was surprise of the reaction I felt while watching her letting us enter in this ethereal world with her. I was definitely in a New York State of Mind.

As you will listen, she have a very interesting background and a good sense of who she is as an artist. It was a day I learned so many life lessons that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Jaanika's performance

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Malgosia Bajkowska of the Salon B for this beautiful discovery and the fact that we all got to meet and see Jaanika’s work for the first time in Montreal. It was an exclusive exhibition and I couldn’t be more grateful to Malgosia for this really nice opportunity.

The artists

If you didn’t have the chance to go Thursday, you still can catch the exhibition, buy a piece of her drawing for a really good price and meet Jaanika this Saturday at the Salon B on 4231, St-Laurent Blvd from 3pm to 5pm.

Salon B website

If you can’t make it, the exhibition will be available until May 6th 2017.

So much fun

Here is my beautiful conversation with this incredible artist from the Big Apple!

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