Owen the Great


I always been a mix of the most girly girl you could met with a pretty big dose of a tomboyish attitude.

As you may discover, I will talk about everything in this blog. My love for fashion, art, movies, music, sports and my big love affair with …wrestling.

Here a little storytelling time. Pick a blanket and cuddle your pillow while reading this beautiful story.

In May 1997, in our beautiful city, my brother and I went to a WWE show at the Bell center. It was actually during this big mondays night rating fight between the WCW and the WWE. I was a young teenager following my big brother everywhere. I always look up to him. And since we share a great love for wrestling and our father was always bringing us to the show at the Paul Sauve Centre and our family time was always spent in front of the tv watching wrestling, that night in 1997 was another moment I was anticiped to cherish for ever. Whitout knowing what to expect.

Both of us were big Hart Foundation Fan. I fell in love (again) with them while watching as a young little girl the 2 vs 3 match against Demolition man. Ok back to the story. At that Montreal show, at the time I call Owen Hart my twin blonde older  star in the sky because he was the youngest in his family as I am and because we share the same birthday. I will talk more about the Hart in this blog.

The main event was Owen vs The Undertaker. This tall, scary looking wrestler. My brother and I manage to actually be at the front row. We were sitting on the red seats and we had a plan to be in front. My little outlaw moment!

As I was able to be seeing perfectly the entrance of each wrestler, I was so calm and just couldn’t believe the spot I got. First come The Undertaker, and my eyes were as big as the moon. His music, his presence. What a feeling.

And now it’s Owen turn. I was definitely startruck in this exact moment. It’s been 20 years and I remember every moment. Usually I’m a pretty low profile person and even must a very low profile teenager. That night, I was nothing like this. Owen walk and i was against the fence that separate the masses while the wrestlers are walking toward the ring. I was literally pushing my body so I could see this legend and in my mind, my twin (still remember, I was a teenager).

While he was walking, I manage to give him a gentle path on his big left shoulder. Tears were dropping in my eyes and a miracle happen. Owen turn his head back, he look at me and give me a wink. I am writing those sentences and I am still crying. I smile at him and knew it that wow, I share that special moment with Owen.

Owen was one of the best wrestlers out there. But foremost, he was one of the must genuine, caring and funny human being. Just this little moment, you can see his kindness. Time those fly but memories remains.

He is so miss by everyone. He always be my twin older star. VII for ever!

P.S. In this collage, you can see a picture of Bret and Owen as Bret sign it for my brother and me. Donnie and me are as close as Bret and Owen were. Brotherly /sisterly love for life.

And here a tribute video of the king of hearts:

Owen Hart tribute video


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