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Somebody tell me oh…

This very Canadian morning ( you guess it, more snow), I decide to play my George Michaels playlist. Careless whisper is my brother and sister song. Oh yeah, we play, we dance, we sang to this song since in my memory end of 1986. My Donnie boy was my dj back in the days and my dad was our MC.


Here my little top 7 (not top 5)all time favorite of one of my favorite George:

7- Amazing (GEORGE MICHEAL) baby you are amazing

6- Wake me up before you go-go (WHAM). It’s such a classic poppy song that make you go a little gaga

5- Everything she wants (WHAM) Pure 80’s vibes

4- Jesus to a child (GEORGE MICHAELS) What a voice

3- Fastlove (GEORGE MICHAELS) Wouhouu baby

2- A tie between One last try (my ultimate break or make it song) and Last Christmas ( Last Christmas, I gave you my heart but the very next day, you take it away)

1- Tonight the music seem so loud, I wish we could lose this crowd.

Careless Whisper (WHAM)

What I did so wrong that you leave me alone.

I truly wish I would have the chance to see George in concert. It does seem surreal that it won’t be possible.

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Let’s keep celebrating this gentle artist!

George Michael official website

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