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I’d rather be a musician than a rock star.

One of my favorite quote from a man I clearly admire a lot. The way he was so connect with himself, his sense of humor and of course everything in between while he was gently weeping his guitar is what make him so special in my eyes and probably a lot of people. He was a member of this band you may have heard The Beatles. He prove to everyone that he was his own man that he is not in the shadow of Lennon/McCartney.


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Younger, I remember people always assuming I was this really introvert little kid. And I wasn’t when you talk to me. I love to talk but I’m not a fan of small talks. Earlier on, I was mesmerize by the fact that George Harrison seem to be define as the Quiet Beatles but I never find he was. So I saw some similarities with my little world. Slowly, I started to read more about him and to buy his solo album.


All Things Must Pass album is a masterpiece. Finally the so called Quiet Beatles is not that quiet. My Sweet Lord, Wah-Wah, Let it down, Beware of darkness and others beautiful songs are classics. We had a taste of his songwriter skills on the White Album, Revolver and Abbey Road albums ( Something in a way she move, attract me like no other lover…). Definitely a album to have or to discover.


Here a video of the concert in Japon that George and Eric Clapton did together (I wish I was witnessing that special concert).

While my guitar gently weeps in Japon video

For a next Chronicle, I will talk about the Cloud Nine album and about my favorite artist (Bowie come a really close). I could talk on and on about George. If you have the chance to check out Dhani Harrison, ahaha tomorrow Chronicle will be about Dhani.


One thing in my bucket list is to have an interview with Dhani Harrison.Thenewno2 is a band I discover and I really like. Oliver Hecks and Dhany Harrison are so creative and they are making a very good team. I need to chill out and leave some stuff for another post.



Oh here  a good documentary to watch about this fine man is  Living in a Material World. Martin Scorsese and Olivia Harrison, thank you for this gift. I love it when Olivia said: George kept saying to me be here now. This is pure wisdom. I will watch it again this documentary.

Living in a Material World preview video

I did say George have a one wicked sense of humour right, here a little comic relief.


Say hello to my little friend

Homer, George and the brownies hihi video

George Harrison website

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