Don’t stop until you can’t get enough

Off the walls is in my eyes one of the best album of all the time!

They wouldn’t have been a Thriller without OTW. You hear this album and you clearly cannot stand still. I was born during Thriller era (1983 to be precise). But at home, my father that at the time owned a vynil store, OTW was a constant sound I kept hearing.

Workin’ Day and Night song, a pure Jacksons 5 song. You got me working working day and night. You start to hear some familiar MJ sounds. Wouhhhh!

The first track Don’t Stop Until You Can’t Get Enough is electrifying. You cannot just sit down on this song. The perfect pair in my eyes was Michael and Quincy Jones. They were peanut butter and jelly beans. The production on this album is perfection. Quincy Jones and Sir George Michael are my two favorite producers. They are true musical scientists!

The song I can’t help it have that special groove. You close your eyes and it’s clearly a song that could have been in Stevie Wonder album Song in the Key of Life. Oh wait, actually Stevie, MJ and Quincy were the mastermind behind this fine song.


The ballad She out of my life. You can hear MJ crying. I love this song. What a album. Rock with you it’s the perfect ice skating or the disco skating song. Why I wasn’t a teenager during the 70’s. Hm, next Chronicle. Let’s continue our OTW dissertation.

I recommend you to watch Spike Lee documentary about OTW. It’s actually on Crave TV.

Here a little trip back memory lanes:

Don’t Stop till you can’t get enough video

Gush, Michael you are so missed. In 1977 until early 80’s, people were hook on Off the Wall but they didn’t know what Michael was reserving for us.


And we all know, the rest is history.



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