Wildflowers Forever

Yesterday was one of the saddest days for probably everyone. But, I wasn’t expecting such a sudden goodbye from one of the men that helped shape my life with his music, his wisdom, and his southern kindness.

Tom Petty

Tom Petty passed away, surrounded by his family and love ones, last night.

Music was and still is my savior. Growing up, his songs, along with my ultimate song goddess, Stevie Nicks, helped give me the feeling of being a free spirited little girl, when really I was more of an introvert, an outsider to my peers.


Tom was part of my musical therapy, especially in the magical band The Traveling Wilburys.

the Traveling Wilburys

The world seems a little more helpless without Tom in it. He was always “gently sweeping his guitar” in a beautiful way.

Tom and his guitar

He made it okay to be wild and free.


This is my favorite quote from him:

Tom Petty and his words of wisdom


Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Dhani Harrison and Prince


A quiet storm hit us

It sure did.

Albert Johnson aka Prodigy of Mobb Deep passed away. I just can’t believe what I just read yesterday.


Another great hip-hop pioneer left too early but my oh my, the legacy he left will be forever engrave in the music history.

It’s not a surprise he became of musician, a poet and a musical prodigy. Born and raised in a musical family, his journey was already design to shake this world up with his powerful and street smart lyrics. With the help of his patner in crime Havoc, they played a big part of our generation playlist.


Some people will remember him for his famous feud with Tupac. But me, I will always remember when my brother brought the Murda Musik and I was mesmerized when I heard Quiet Storm for the first time.

As John Lennon sang on the first verse of A Day In A Life:

I can’t believe the news today of boy

My thoughts and prayers are going to his family, his friends and his fiercely fans.




WE GOT THE POWER Arcade Fire style

For this second part of Wednesday Karnaval, I’m still amazed by all the magical moments I witness. And this next big moment was priceless. I won’t write a long Chronicle because I will let the pictures and the videos speak for themselves.

While their guitars gently weeps

The cool part when you taking pictures in a crowd is that you are living the same emotions with the fellow people and you can take a picture that will actually describes that particular moment.

The beautiful Regine

For me, Arcade Fire is a band that without a doubt reflects the 21st century.

The Beatles and The Stones were the 60’s


Led Zep, Yes and Pink Floyd were the 70’s

yespink_floydLed Zeppelin


U2, Depeche Mode and Run DMC were the 80’s

Run DMCDepeche Mode

U2 in 1987

Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Wu-tang and A Tribe Called Quest were the 90’s


Arcade Fire is the 21st century


Wednesday night, they proved all that criteria (in my head) without forcing anything. The stage were their playground. Even Paul Beaubrun was part of it.


They love Haïti and Kanpe is a wonderful foundation. No bullshits stealing shits. They are in my eyes at the same level as Tropicana d’Haïti, Coupé Cloué, Jazz des jeunes, Boukman and many more. Like those legendary band, they have that little je ne sais qui that makes them so special and mesmerizing when you listen songs like Suburban War, No cars Go, Reflektor, Black Wave/ Bad Vibrations, Neighbourhood #1 Tunnels, Wake up and many more. You see that they are inspired by haitian music and culture. It’s actually in the group DNA hihi.

Jazz des jeunes débutTropicana

Here a nice song from Jazz des jeunes. This song was always on rotation at home with my father that was the owner of a vinyl store. Beautiful memories.

Jazz des jeunes – Ti Grog moin song

I’m a very proud Haitian child (ok born in Canada) and I cannot be prouder of this really caring band for the people of Haiti. Have a look at the website.

You won’t regret it!

Kanpe Website

Enjoy the ride!

Haiti, mon pays…

You wish you were there. I can understand the feeling but here more.

Here a classic.

My inner Haitian side was kicking big time when I heard that song and the lyrics came back in my head pretty quickly. Our anthem!

You know what guys, I remember thinking that they (including Paul) had the same joie de vivre as The Boss when they were on stage. I got goosebumps just thinking about it.

La belle Regine

What a night, what a beautiful foundation, what a super dooper (new word haha) team including the volounters, what a bunch a beautiful artists and what a authentic band.

Mesì Anpil



I’m really proud to be Haitian girl (I was born in Canada but my parents are from La Perle des Antilles and they have been in the North Side more than 40 years) and I’m even prouder when I see a Haitian scientist, actor, journalist, humanitarian succeed.

Tonight, it will be about a beautiful, soulful, very talented musician I will show how proud I am. Actually, we were suppose to have an exclusive interview with Sir Paul Beaubrun tonight in the heart of the city but mother nature chose otherwise. Damn snowstorm, damn you. But we promise, we will still have this Chronicle exclusive interview soon. Ce n’est que partie remise.

But he will be in town tomorrow for the big happening of the month in Montreal. The Karnaval Kanpe will be Paul’s playground for tomorrow and others fabulous artists.

Paul come from a artistic Haitian Dynasty. In our community, everybody know the legendary band Boukman Experience (in creole it’s Bookman Eksperyans). Both his parents are the founders of this roots group. Since 1978, they are still performing all around the world and it’s a big family affair.

They even got a Grammy nominations and that’s huge for a band from Haïti. My father get playing like all summer 1990 this classic song from them Kem Pa sote (my heart can’t jump). It’s like the mother of all carnaval song. You feel the african beats and for sure, you feel in Paul’s music his parents influence.

Kem Pa Sote video clip 1990

And Paul’s grandfather is a very famous comedian that I did have the honour as very young girl to be his little bell girl during the rehearsal of a play at my house when his granddaddy and his theatrical costars would perform in Montreal.


My dad was and still a promoter in Montreal and when his grandfather was in town, my dad was his guy. Show business does run in my blood and so it does run in Paul blood too. I have some great and happy memories about my time with his grandaddy. And I’m sure Paul has a thousand of stories to share. We will be patient and wait for our one on one to share so many stories and talking about our love for music and life.

In 2015, his album Vilnerab (vulnerable in english) was launch. If you are a blues lover, you will love this album. One of my favorite song is Metem High ( in english you are making me high hihi). The lyrics are sweet, sexy and want you to cuddle to your better half. But the guitars rifts, I hear a little Eric Clapton in it. Maybe he is a fan of Slow Hand. This guy can sing and he can for sure play guitars like a Hendrix, King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Clapton and Harrison.


I must ask him about those legends and if he was inspired by them. Note to myself, ask him those questions. His song Legba Blues, I close myself and imagine he is doing a duet with B.B. King and Lucille. A perfect blues song in his simplicity.

I can’t wait to see him tomorrow and say a quick hello. Maybe I could post a picture. I forgot to mention, now, he is starting to make live performance at some big american entertainment tv shows and he was touring with Ms. Hill and first name is Lauryn omg. I’m pretty convince we will hear a lot about Paul. This guy is very versatile like Anik Jean that I talk yesterday quick quick. Foremost, he is a very positive guy. He got a good attitude and he is very humble. For me, that’s priceless.


I will let this video speak for itself. The song is one of my favorite and the title of this Chronicle peeps.


Paul Beaubrun website

Hey guys, they are still some tickets left for the Kanpé Karnaval tomorrow!


Power out!



Don’t stop until you can’t get enough

Off the walls is in my eyes one of the best album of all the time!

They wouldn’t have been a Thriller without OTW. You hear this album and you clearly cannot stand still. I was born during Thriller era (1983 to be precise). But at home, my father that at the time owned a vynil store, OTW was a constant sound I kept hearing.

Workin’ Day and Night song, a pure Jacksons 5 song. You got me working working day and night. You start to hear some familiar MJ sounds. Wouhhhh!

The first track Don’t Stop Until You Can’t Get Enough is electrifying. You cannot just sit down on this song. The perfect pair in my eyes was Michael and Quincy Jones. They were peanut butter and jelly beans. The production on this album is perfection. Quincy Jones and Sir George Michael are my two favorite producers. They are true musical scientists!

The song I can’t help it have that special groove. You close your eyes and it’s clearly a song that could have been in Stevie Wonder album Song in the Key of Life. Oh wait, actually Stevie, MJ and Quincy were the mastermind behind this fine song.


The ballad She out of my life. You can hear MJ crying. I love this song. What a album. Rock with you it’s the perfect ice skating or the disco skating song. Why I wasn’t a teenager during the 70’s. Hm, next Chronicle. Let’s continue our OTW dissertation.

I recommend you to watch Spike Lee documentary about OTW. It’s actually on Crave TV.

Here a little trip back memory lanes:

Don’t Stop till you can’t get enough video

Gush, Michael you are so missed. In 1977 until early 80’s, people were hook on Off the Wall but they didn’t know what Michael was reserving for us.


And we all know, the rest is history.





A Tribe Called Quest is my legendary ultimate hip-hop band.

And Sunday night was I was bored to death watching the Grammys and don’t let me start talking about Beyoncé prestation. I leave that for another occasion. And then, our savior came! I literally start jumping on my couch at the first sound of AwardTour. 1993 was repeating all over again. Q-Tip, this guy is the definition of cool. Busta was still as passionate and engaging as before. Ali S. Muhamed and Sharobi White still got it. You still got it!

A big part of the puzzle was missing. Sir Phife Dawg. He passed away in March 2016. The band was reunited and was preparing to take 2016 by a big storm. Dawg rap like no others. I will let the music play for itself.

This past Sunday, they didn’t shy away from the current situation in the United State of America. But I rather want to talk about those musical genius.

They are the master of mixing hip-hop, jazz and rap like they were scientists.

They are back and they will kick it in 2017!



Washington Post article about ATCQ at the Grammys

We the people music video

Electric Relaxation