A Tribe Called Quest is my legendary ultimate hip-hop band.

And Sunday night was I was bored to death watching the Grammys and don’t let me start talking about Beyoncé prestation. I leave that for another occasion. And then, our savior came! I literally start jumping on my couch at the first sound of AwardTour. 1993 was repeating all over again. Q-Tip, this guy is the definition of cool. Busta was still as passionate and engaging as before. Ali S. Muhamed and Sharobi White still got it. You still got it!

A big part of the puzzle was missing. Sir Phife Dawg. He passed away in March 2016. The band was reunited and was preparing to take 2016 by a big storm. Dawg rap like no others. I will let the music play for itself.

This past Sunday, they didn’t shy away from the current situation in the United State of America. But I rather want to talk about those musical genius.

They are the master of mixing hip-hop, jazz and rap like they were scientists.

They are back and they will kick it in 2017!



Washington Post article about ATCQ at the Grammys

We the people music video

Electric Relaxation

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