I’m really proud to be Haitian girl (I was born in Canada but my parents are from La Perle des Antilles and they have been in the North Side more than 40 years) and I’m even prouder when I see a Haitian scientist, actor, journalist, humanitarian succeed.

Tonight, it will be about a beautiful, soulful, very talented musician I will show how proud I am. Actually, we were suppose to have an exclusive interview with Sir Paul Beaubrun tonight in the heart of the city but mother nature chose otherwise. Damn snowstorm, damn you. But we promise, we will still have this Chronicle exclusive interview soon. Ce n’est que partie remise.

But he will be in town tomorrow for the big happening of the month in Montreal. The Karnaval Kanpe will be Paul’s playground for tomorrow and others fabulous artists.

Paul come from a artistic Haitian Dynasty. In our community, everybody know the legendary band Boukman Experience (in creole it’s Bookman Eksperyans). Both his parents are the founders of this roots group. Since 1978, they are still performing all around the world and it’s a big family affair.

They even got a Grammy nominations and that’s huge for a band from Haïti. My father get playing like all summer 1990 this classic song from them Kem Pa sote (my heart can’t jump). It’s like the mother of all carnaval song. You feel the african beats and for sure, you feel in Paul’s music his parents influence.

Kem Pa Sote video clip 1990

And Paul’s grandfather is a very famous comedian that I did have the honour as very young girl to be his little bell girl during the rehearsal of a play at my house when his granddaddy and his theatrical costars would perform in Montreal.


My dad was and still a promoter in Montreal and when his grandfather was in town, my dad was his guy. Show business does run in my blood and so it does run in Paul blood too. I have some great and happy memories about my time with his grandaddy. And I’m sure Paul has a thousand of stories to share. We will be patient and wait for our one on one to share so many stories and talking about our love for music and life.

In 2015, his album Vilnerab (vulnerable in english) was launch. If you are a blues lover, you will love this album. One of my favorite song is Metem High ( in english you are making me high hihi). The lyrics are sweet, sexy and want you to cuddle to your better half. But the guitars rifts, I hear a little Eric Clapton in it. Maybe he is a fan of Slow Hand. This guy can sing and he can for sure play guitars like a Hendrix, King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Clapton and Harrison.


I must ask him about those legends and if he was inspired by them. Note to myself, ask him those questions. His song Legba Blues, I close myself and imagine he is doing a duet with B.B. King and Lucille. A perfect blues song in his simplicity.

I can’t wait to see him tomorrow and say a quick hello. Maybe I could post a picture. I forgot to mention, now, he is starting to make live performance at some big american entertainment tv shows and he was touring with Ms. Hill and first name is Lauryn omg. I’m pretty convince we will hear a lot about Paul. This guy is very versatile like Anik Jean that I talk yesterday quick quick. Foremost, he is a very positive guy. He got a good attitude and he is very humble. For me, that’s priceless.


I will let this video speak for itself. The song is one of my favorite and the title of this Chronicle peeps.

Paul Beaubrun website

Hey guys, they are still some tickets left for the Kanpé Karnaval tomorrow!


Power out!



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