In my eyes, he is one of the best goalkeeper of all time and he is an honorary member of my dream team.

Here some of the others members:

His athletisism, his concentration, his leadership and the list can go on and on make him a very special goalkeeper. You cannot not seeing him in the field. His aura and his very tall height are very visible. He surely have the eye of the tiger too.

At the serie A, I’m more a AC Roma fan and my friends are pretty much Juventus fan. Montreal is well known to be a Juventus town and a big Italian national team city. Here, it’s definitely Azzuri for life. But it’s starting to be a Dutchland town. Oh, I’m starting a little fight here. My Italian friends will start to write me some comment on my Facebook page hahaha. Still love you guys.

Back to my man Gigi. His show stopping saves and his acrobatics skills are groundbreaking especially when he started in 1995. From my point of view, those aptitudes and skills was part of the bigchange in the Serie A and the national Italian team.

This guy is unstoppable. Trust me. Go see some videos on YouTube and witness his greatness.

Captain Buffon have a heart of gold and I really admire his humanitarian side of his personality. He is a people person and not a primadonna at all.



On my bucket list, one day yes it will come, a nice Chronicle moment with him. I know what you are thinking. Keep dreaming girlfriend. But sometime, dreams does come true right.


Today, I dedicate this Chronicle to him.

Per uno dei più grandi sportman di questa generazione, grazie Gigi. I hope my Italian is not that bad. My roman “my best friend Marco” will let me know. It’s a work in progress.


Gianluigi Buffon official website

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