Le Fou Éduqué 8 mars 2019 (Qu’est-ce qui se passe avec le PSG?)

Donnie Disco alias Le Fou Éduqué nous parlera dans son podcast d’aujourd’hui le match tant attendu de la Ligue des Champions qui avaient eu lieu le 6 mars dernier entre le Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) contre Manchester United.

Disons que Le Fou Éduqué est encore en état de choc.

Bonne écoute.


Les Fous du Foot volume 1!

J’adore écouter Les Fous du Foot. Je les trouve si drôle et si intéressant.

Quelle chimie entre le Professeur du Foot et le Fou Éduqué.

Ils parleront de l’excentricité de l’entraineur Maurizio Sarri, du milieu de terrain Jorgihno, de Naby Keita et de José Mourinho.

Regardons leur analyse!

Italy worst nightmare in 59 years


Tuesday November 14th, 2017.

In my lifetime, I have witnessed for the first time, the national Italian team not making the World Cup.

Buffon November 13th 2017

My brain was going crazy at this exact moment!

Sweden qualifications

Why, when I saw Gigi’s tears, weremy own tears all over the place?

Buffon November 13th

Why, was my Italian crew from Montreal suddenly all quiet and mourning?

It’s because the Azzurri couldn’t beat Sweden. The Swedish team is one hell of a team but, I never expected the Italian team to change their defensive tactics into a more offensive game.


I am numb.

I was expecting to see Gigi, one last time, on a national playground. I feel so bad for the team and for Gigi,finishing this game like they did.

No goals.

I love what Gigi said after the game with tears and true emotion in his eyes. He said that “We win together and we lose together“.

He has great hope for the future of the national team.

Italy Fifa U-20

A few days ago, I talked about about the English team and their resurrection. Will we witness the same thing with the Italian team? The passion is there for sure. The last Euro Cup and the last World Cup had the team displaying some offensive spark on the field.

I do believe that Gigi is right. But,they need to stop with this defensive culture on the field, hoping to get penalty shots at the end of the game for the win.

We all know the best defense is a good offense. They need to truly believe in it.

I grew up watching the greats: Del Piero, Totti, De Rossi, Nesta, Gilardino, Buffon and one of the greatest player of all time, Signore Roberto Baggio.

I was always a die-hard England, Argentina and Netherlands fan, but I always loved watching Italy, Germany, Côte d’Ivoire (CDI), Nigeria, and of course, Brazil who always gave us a wonderful show.

The 2018 World Cup will be unusual without the Netherlands, CDI and Italy.

I was so looking forward to an Italy v. France showdown. Nope!

I was even looking forward to a rematch, Italy v. Germany. Nope!

This painful loss and elimination could be a blessing in disguise. We may yet witness the “renaissance” of the Azzurri for 2020 Euro Cup.

Yesterday, they gave everything on the field, but it wasn’t enough.

The game has changed and it is time that the Azzurri follow this wind of change.



The rebirth of England 

While I’m writing words of football wisdom, my earphones play George Micheal’s track “Fastlove” and it grooves in my mind.

Oh, I must correct myself. It’s the words of the Educated Fool, aka my big brother, that you will read through my writing. We do make a fabulous team!

Last Saturday was an awakening.

He decided to watch the under 17 years old FIFA qualification game of England vs Spain. He didn’t expect to see a masterpiece on the screen while watching this game, but he did. The England soccer team played like they were Gods on the ground. It was not just the 5-2 score that was impressive, but the way they were manipulating the ball, their creativity on the ground.

England U-17

It was like seeing a miracle in play. And I think it actually was.

Personally, I grew up watching the Golden generation of the 90s team with Beckham, Scholes, Gerard, Terry, Cole, and Defoe that were playing in a very hmmm…. emotionally way.

England teamgroup

But, this brand new generation is totally different. They are the mastersof executing plays.

The way English soccer has always been very based on emotion, like they were soldiers going into war, it makes it feel like they always have this dark cloud following them. And this cloud has been with them since 1953.
Let’s make a little trip back in time.

November 25th 1953. At the time, this match was the match of century. England vs Hungary. At the time, the English team was a cocky team, with a a cocky attitude towards other teams such as Hungary, Italy, and many more. But, this match changed the England team forever.

They didn’t expected the Hungary team to dominate this game in such a big way. Their equivalent of Lionel Messi was Ferenc Puskas. This guy was a magician on the field. He wasn’t alone in his kingdom.

Ferenc Puskas Hungary

The striker had the perfect partner in crime in the midfielder, Nandor Hidegkuti. Hidegkuti was free on the field to take some chances. And during that game, you can clearly see it.

The England Team, at the time, was built to be a superstar team surrounded by top players like Stanley Matthews. But was it a good idea?

Stanley Matthews

The Hungary Team was better built as a soccer or ”football” club. During the game, you can clearly see that the Hungarians were a better tactical team than the Englishmen. Unfortunately, the country that created soccer got a soccer lesson from Hungary. And even now, they haven’t recovered.

For the ones that know about the history of the English team, you will tell me “…but they won the World Cup in 1966!” “They had a pretty good team in Italy in 1990!” Regardless, you can still feel this dark cloud from 1953 following them.

But, could it be the end of this curse? Or, should I say this phobia they have?

Could it be that the savior for this historical team is the younger generation?

Could this younger generation actually show the English Team how to play soccer?

For all those questions, the answer is yes!
England v Iraq - FIFA U-17 World Cup India 2017

During the qualifications so far, the under 17 are showing us that they do understand the game. You look into the lineup and it’s beautiful. You see a very multicultural team, similar to France, Germany, and Belgium. For me, it’s the start of a new era. In 1992, the Football Association (FA) told Grant Taylor not to put too many black players on the team. Taylor at first, selected a lot of young black players and now, the FA has told him to cut back.

What the fuck…

60 years later, they are finally getting it.

Now, they are a progressive team instead ofregressive. Those young players are shining, like bright diamonds. But, will they have the chance to play in the Premiership League with Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Chelsea?

We really hope so!

Let’s let them shine and let’s let them make us dream again, about a future that will be wonderful for England. The world is going a little bit crazy right now, but those young players are united by the love of this beautiful game. It is showing us that there is hope in working together and daring to be different.


The winds of change are coming in a beautiful way.

England under 17 2017

Totti is Roma

Soccer is as much in my blood than music, wrestling and the art.   I always dream to be a big soccer player  or a really cool and sassy music journalist.

In my dreams, I was the feminine version of Totti. My ultimate Roman Gladiator ( I might shock another Roman Gladiator Sir Fogagnolo).

The cup

Yesterday with heavy heart and with wet eyes, he said goodbye to his favorite playground for the past 25 years.

His land

Totti is a pure class act of a player. His skills are like he was born to be this magician on the field.

He could have gone playing elsewhere on the Premiership but he decide he will stay home until the end.

Here a link to a nice article by Paolo Bandini of the Guardian.

A nice tribute to Totti by Paulo Bandini

Thank you Francesco for your sportsmanship, your dedication, your loyalty and your passion for this great sport!

Two greatest footballers


Grazie per aver portato tanta gioia Totti!

Totti family




In my eyes, he is one of the best goalkeeper of all time and he is an honorary member of my dream team.

Here some of the others members:

His athletisism, his concentration, his leadership and the list can go on and on make him a very special goalkeeper. You cannot not seeing him in the field. His aura and his very tall height are very visible. He surely have the eye of the tiger too.

At the serie A, I’m more a AC Roma fan and my friends are pretty much Juventus fan. Montreal is well known to be a Juventus town and a big Italian national team city. Here, it’s definitely Azzuri for life. But it’s starting to be a Dutchland town. Oh, I’m starting a little fight here. My Italian friends will start to write me some comment on my Facebook page hahaha. Still love you guys.

Back to my man Gigi. His show stopping saves and his acrobatics skills are groundbreaking especially when he started in 1995. From my point of view, those aptitudes and skills was part of the bigchange in the Serie A and the national Italian team.

This guy is unstoppable. Trust me. Go see some videos on YouTube and witness his greatness.

Captain Buffon have a heart of gold and I really admire his humanitarian side of his personality. He is a people person and not a primadonna at all.



On my bucket list, one day yes it will come, a nice Chronicle moment with him. I know what you are thinking. Keep dreaming girlfriend. But sometime, dreams does come true right.


Today, I dedicate this Chronicle to him.

Per uno dei più grandi sportman di questa generazione, grazie Gigi. I hope my Italian is not that bad. My roman “my best friend Marco” will let me know. It’s a work in progress.


Gianluigi Buffon official website