Totti is Roma

Soccer is as much in my blood than music, wrestling and the art.   I always dream to be a big soccer player  or a really cool and sassy music journalist.

In my dreams, I was the feminine version of Totti. My ultimate Roman Gladiator ( I might shock another Roman Gladiator Sir Fogagnolo).

The cup

Yesterday with heavy heart and with wet eyes, he said goodbye to his favorite playground for the past 25 years.

His land

Totti is a pure class act of a player. His skills are like he was born to be this magician on the field.

He could have gone playing elsewhere on the Premiership but he decide he will stay home until the end.

Here a link to a nice article by Paolo Bandini of the Guardian.

A nice tribute to Totti by Paulo Bandini

Thank you Francesco for your sportsmanship, your dedication, your loyalty and your passion for this great sport!

Two greatest footballers

Grazie per aver portato tanta gioia Totti!

Totti family


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