Queen Victoria

Victoria Beckham!


Her work ethic that I do much respect, her tenacity to never giving up, her wicked sense of humor and her dedication to succeed are traits that I admire so much.


She always had a eye for fashion and she wasn’t afraid to experiment (the Versace head to toe outfit she worn in 1999 with David). She flourished as a designer and my oh my I love her designs.

With her team, she working hard to create timeless collection.

Her goal as she said is to create clothes that will make feel a woman comfortable and empowering. She is the ultimate Girl Power Queen.


I never saw her as a wannabe but as a woman that is on a quest to be the best version of herself.


I’m always been since childhood  attract to the minimalist, a little touch of androgynous and a big sparkle of feminity. YSL, Isabel Marant, Yohji Yamamoto, Calvin Klein, even Armani  in my eyes. Victoria Beckham in on that list without a doubt.

I will let you have a look of her fabulous website.


Sky is definitely the limit for Victoria. And she is inspiring me to see no limits into looking to the sky!





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