We waited months for it. My month of February and March was empty without it.

And May the 30th came with a vengeance.

I just watched the first episode last night and why I have the sense of Deja Vu. Oh right, Trump.


Frank and Claire are scarier and so hungry. I won’t spoil the episode for those that didn’t watch it yet. But you feel like this season will be hmmm interesting. I don’t if it will be as good as the first or fourth season but let’s wait and see.


I really love the scene between Robin Wright, Boris MacGiver and the fantastic Charlie Rose ( I love Charlie).

I won’t binge watching the whole season but my brain can only digest one episode every 4 days. I don’t know what to expect from this season.

You can feel the void that is left from the departure of Beau Willimon pretty much from the get go.

I missed Frank monologue and humor. Now, he is just screaming like Trump and making a scene.


I miss President Garrett.

President G

But I’m still addicted to it. So I guess President Underwood is right. Who’s your daddy…

Father Underwood

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