Maestro Nagano The Great

You must wonder who’s in my eyes are the maestros of this world.

One this series that I will publish every Thursday, I will talk about one of them that are bringing or brought their magical touch in different area such as music, arts, science, .

Is it a deal? Alright then, let’s get started

Today my first one is in my eyes, the best Maestro (in the real term of the word) of our generation.

Kent Nagano in action

I present you Sir Kent Nagano of the Montreal Symphony Orhestra.

This maestro has accomplish so many things and he is one of the best maestro of our century.


My heart just melted when I learn with the OSM, they are offering the possibility to the children to learn playing piano, violin, cello and others musical instruments and they offered those instrument and the facility in their school to learn it.

This beautiful project I s in the neighborhood where I grew up and it will be free.

It’s not the most prosper of the neighborhood in Montreal but it’s a resilient one. I’m sincerely so grateful and so happy. Tears are coming out of my eyes while I write to sentences.

La musique aux enfants

For me, who had the chance of starting playing piano because of my preschool teacher with her piano in the middle of the room, I couldn’t resist it. Thank you Aunt Lucy!

My first piano recital

It’s a magical experience seeing and hearing this magnificent orchestra from Montreal.


They are doing so much for the community and they have the ability to make you dream while they are playing with passion while Maestro Nagano is the captain on board.


Today, I will play the album Beethoven (my favorite composer right after JS Bach) Symphonies  No.1 to 7 of Kent Nagano and the OSM. Music to my ears.

Captain Nagano

Thank you Maestro Nagano and the entire OSM team for the beautiful music and for what you are bringing and teaching to the children of the northside of Montreal.

I am forever grateful for this gesture.



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