Walking on the wild side

This week will be wild in the city of a thousand church bells.


Again, it is fucking cold this morning. Yes, I sometime use this not so nice word but who said I was perfect.

Tomorrow with my girl Caitlin, the big storm won’t stop us meeting this super talented artist Paul Beaubrun. I can’t wait and I’m super nervous but in a good way.

Paul in his element

Actually on my ride to the train station to my other life in the academia (I’m a Cameleon), I’m listening to one of my favorite rock chickas and she does kick asses with her powerful guitar rifts, her lyrics and her soulful voice.


The name of the album is Lost Soul and her name is Anik Jean. I have the feeling with this album hearing a female version of my man David Bowie. But in the song No More Time, the song like a song that Radiohead could been playing. This girl is so versatile and I like it.

Here the link to her website:

Anik Jean Website

Ok I can hear you again guys saying every week she have to mention David Bowie. The answer is: YES!


I’m having a little haha imaginary moment. Can you imagine this band just for one show omg I have to share it with you.

Anik Jean, Melissa Auf Der Mar, Emily Haines holy macaroni. I have my little concert in my mind right now.

This week you will have a snowstorm of Chronicle.

Enjoy your week my peeps!



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