The kings are back with a vengeance that is Spirit

We feel nothing inside. Those are actually the chorus of Going backwards by this band that I love for more than 29 years. After a very emotional goodbye to a very important person, mentor, spiritual human being, and DM are always my remedy in time of sadness, of pure frustration, of extreme joy. I did feel nothing inside but slowly, I’m feeling grateful for this gentle soul that guide me in good and bad time for 33 years.

Spirit is the new album from those giants. It is a hunting album as I like it.


The song Where’s the Revolution my oh my. It’s Personal Jesus 2.0. With everything that happen in 2016 with the new POTUS, this is the ultimate anthem in a very poetic and melancholic way for the American people. Come on people you let me down, where’s the revolution, come on people you let me down. Wow… Powerful lyrics. The train is coming, so get on board. The engine’s humming.

For all Depeche Mode Followers, this album is one of their finest. It is the perfect match between the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s DM all in one. Perfect!

The song So Much Love have this old DM vibe in it. Maybe a New Day clin d’œil with a Behind the Wheels rhythm.

There’s a fire inside my veins. The desire causes pain. I would said it again. There is so much love in me.

And they will be in Montreal this September. To my Roman, he is my Ben and I am his Jerry. One of my dearest and closest friend, thank you for my gift hihi. As usual, I will take a ride with my best friend during this show.


I will talk more about Depeche Mode on this blog.


Let’s enjoy the silence by watching the World into my eyes. Let’s share some Freelove with our midnight lovers ( hahaha hardcore DM fan will recognize or have a little smile while reading this sentence).


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  1. bel article!!Je n’ai pas pu encore l’ecouter,mais des que le temps me le permets,je sauterai sur l’occasion!Beau clin d’oeil sur nous et sur le precieux moment a venir!!!!bisou xx

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