Enter the Wu-Tang

My throwback Thursday moment is actually one of the greatest album of all time from this legendary group.

Wu Tang

I will even said that they are in the same league as the Fab Four, The Stones, Pink Floyd and Led Zep. They have the same magical touch and that same aura about them.

You cannot believe I heard this album in my childhood. My brother would play it over and over again and usually, you get tired at a certain point. But for us, it wasn’t the case.

Gravel Pit music video

Wu-Tang was a band like no others Hip/hop band. The big maestro RZA, the poetic Ghostface Killer, The Method, The Inspector Inspectah Deck,  the authentic GZA, the pragmatic  Ol Dirty Bastard and many others members gave us so many iconic songs and change the face of hip-hop for ever.

GZAThe GhostGZAThe masterMethod Man


This album was a warm up for what was coming for us.

Enter the W T

C.R.E.A.M, this song still bring me back so many memories and omg the beat is still as enigmatic now as before in the 90’s.


My throwback is not a sweet picture of me when I was a little girl but instead, it is about an album that brought a new dimension to hip-hop music and I will dare to see even beyond the hip-hop world.

They are still inspiring many artists not only in the hip-hop community but alternative, indie rock and rock. RZA did a collaboration with Thenewno2 on the song The Waitaround. Pure magic this song. The waitaround night and day for an answer till they make you forget what you’re after…

Kendrick Lamar, Common, Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def are rappers that I admire and sometimes make me thing of Wu-Tang. I doesn’t seem force for them to rap. It like breathing for them. Hmm it’s almost a Bruce Lee philosophy thinking I’m doing right now when he said to a young kid in a movie :

Don’t think… Breathe!

Bruce le sage

On that note, let’s breathe everybody and let our souls emerging to some Wu-Tang music.

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