Phenomenal Montreal

At last, we are seeing a big blue sky in Montreal. I’m walking on the streets like I was AJ Styles in a very feminine but still badass way.

AJ Style meet Lou Reed Chronicle Style

Everyone seem happy and the city is again alive!

We are getting closer to the festivals season. My favorite time (after the NFL season) of the year. Again, Bing, sing it for us.


It’s actually a good time to be in town. The Francofolies, the International Jazz Festival, the Just for Laugh Festival, the F1, the FE and everything in between will spicy up the city and we will go crazy all summer long.

You can hang out in the Little Italy and pick up some fresh fruits and vegetables at Marché Jean-Talon. You just feel the european vibe when you are shopping there. This nice picture was taken by a talented friend of mine F.R.

Marché Jean-Talon
Credits to FR

I’m in love with my city since birth (after my mamma, papy and big bro of course). And I’m very proud to be from the Northside.

It’s Leonard Cohen sanctuary, The Impact and The Carabins of UdeM playground (I’m a very proud UdeM supporter).


It is Arcade Fire city! One of the greatest band of all time.

NorthSideLa belle RegineMontrealReflektorLeonard


Oh and of course, P.K. Subban home! I cannot not mention our dear P.K.

The magician

My dream would be PK celebrating here with the Stanley Cup at the Montreal Children Hospital! Bring the cup here Superman.

P.K. Collection at


PK the Great

375 years old today  and this city is still as young as ever. Even our mayor is celebrating with the greatest Kompa band.

We are proud to be Montrealers for life. And we have every reason to be.

Montreal my darling, you are still wonderful.

Yellow brick road

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