Goodbye Sir Christopher Cornell

I can’t believe the news today oh boy…

Disbelief, sadness, total choc, mad and melancholic.

Waking up and reading that Chris Cornell has passed away, I just cannot believe it and I have too like the rest of us.

Chris C

Yesterday on my way back home, I was actually thinking of writing a Chronicle about the bands I cherish with one of my best friend Van in the Rock and Alternatif scene.

Credits to Micheal S.

This beautiful drawing you saw is from the artist Micheal Shifflett.

Soundgarden was one of my first band I really cherish during those Seattle Kings. I was always more a Soundgarden fan than a Nirvana. The melody, the sound of each instrument perfectly orchestrated and oh my his voice. They were my kind of band.

I can perfectly remember the first time I saw the Black Hole Song on Musique Plus. Actually it was my big brother that was in deep in the Hip-Hop world show me this video and said: It is fuck up but so good. Little sister, this is your kind of world. I was 10 or 11 and he was right.

Soundgarden 90

The album Superunknown is still an album I’m listening and for me, it will never faded away.

Chris in the 90'sIMG_2921

In 2012, when I bought their new album King Animal and listening to the song Been away for to long, I was singing pretty loud in my car the chorus I’ve been away for to long.

King animals

This is an album back to the source. For me, my Seattle kings were back and here to stay for good. The song By Crooked Step is pure perfection. Kim Thayil is like a scientist on this song.


I was so happy to hear that Soundgarden reunited and were touring. When I read a few months ago that Chris was involve the movie The Promise, I was happy and glad.

Here a nice article on The Rolling Stones about his creative process for the main title track on The Promise soundtrack.

He did some amazing songwriting a for  movies such as 12 years of slave, Casino Royale, The Promise.


He was a beautiful creature that will be sadly missed. My deepest sympathies goes to his family and friends.


  1. The Babyboomers had Jimi, Janis, Jim and Jerry. GenX had Kurt, Layne, Eddie and Chris. Thank you so much for shaking the cage at a time where rock music needed it so bad! I’m going to treat myself to a little Audioslave, now…

    1. Thank you for your nice comment. You are so right about our icons for our generation. If you have the chance to listen the King Animal album, it’s a really good album.

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