Still in shock… But we will survive

I’m trying to accept the passing of Chris Cornell and I’m still think it’s a bad dream. I’m thinking about his wife, his children, family and friends.

On today Chronicle, let’s focusing on celebrating life!


The little happiness that we witness every day. Music is a big part of my happiness. While driving last night, I sang in my car with my most not very great singing voice Black Hole Sun like they were no tomorrow. At the end, I had a little smile thinking of Chris Cornell was sitting next to me and hearing me singing, he would probably hey girlfriend, just keep your day job with a smile.

Cartoon Chris

Today, I’m listening to my East Coast Samurais playlist. On the menu, Mark Ronson Oh-Wee with Ghostface Killah (2003), A Tribe Called Quest Scenario, Michael Jackson “Hmm he is not from the East Coast but he is the King so he is on this list” Human Nature, RZA Love Jones and the list goes on. I will add a little bit of George and Stevie to the mix. Why not!

I must write soon a Chronicle about Mark Ronson. In my mind, he is Quincy Jones son. One of best producers out there Since for me 2003 when I discover him listening to a hip-hop radio show a Saturday night “CKUT”.

mark-ronson-Red Online credits

Everyone was falling in love with his collaboration with Bruno Mars (another nice and talented man) with Uptown Funk but I go way back and kept saying to my friends this guy is the bomb!


Music is my savior.

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