Ladies and gentleman, the undisputed champion Arcade Fire.

Neon Bible

Let’s get ready to rumble!

And we were sure ready to start. Win and the gang were as much ready as we were.

Sometimes in life, you know that in the exact moment you are witnessing one of the most magical moment of your life.

Last night was one of those. It was one of the very best concert this city as never seen.

At first to be quiet honest, the sound was a Big Bang and it was sometimes hard to hear Sarah Neufeld violin or Stuart Bogie saxophone but it wasn’t a deal breaker for one of coolest show alive.

You could feel the love story between Arcade and Montreal.


Régine Chassagne was divine last night. When she sang Haiti, I was just so happy and I was thinking about my family and this beautiful country that is so resilient.

This band pure energy is so contagious.

For me since I’m a 80 kid, last night was my The Wall concert from Pink Floyd. During the show, I was saying to myself wow they are my Pink Floyd.

They have this very imaginative way with a dose of unpretentious vibe to bring you  inside their world.

They were David Bowie chosen one and when REFLEKTOR started, I look into the Bell Center sky and I was thinking about our favorite Starman. When I came back on earth, I look into the screen and they did a really nice nod to him. It was really beautiful, understated and nicely done.

David Bowie

It’s actually a pretty world to be in with everything that is going on in planet earth.

Everything was clearly now yesterday at the Bell Center.

I’m pretty sure their legion of fans will enjoy this amazing big house party but it won’t be our house party because Montreal is Arcade Fire country.

Are you ready to start?

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