Tala is in the house

While visiting Vogue.com last week before I went to dodo land, I just jump into my bed and read a really good article about my girl, the enfant terrible of fashion Tala Alamuddin.


I was so happy to read about her on Vogue UK and I know she is preparing the launching of her super cool company Totally Tala in 2018 for the european and american customers.

Her bags are so wicked and her earrings are just divine. Yes, I am fan and I love the fact that fringes is to be a center part of her creativity. As a kid, I was always a little bit more bohemian in my look than glamorous. Now, I’m pretty much more a minimalist but I do love to have an accessory that had that little craziness and fun in my outfit.

With Tala’s accessories, you can add that little fun into your outfit too. She is residing in the beautiful Singapour but you can see that she is a globetrotter and that she probably got inspired by the places she has visited around the globe to create beautiful pieces.

Here’s  a picture of one of her bag that I clearly see myself rocking it to go to work or hanging out at a cool Montreal Café in the Plateau.

George Clooney and wife Amal Clooney seen holding hands as they walked their dog on set of Suburbicon in Los Angeles, CA

Don’t worry guys, The Chronicle and Totally Tala will rock your world in 2018. I won’t say more hihi.

In the meantime, if you want to be totally swept away by the talented and fun Mrs.A, check out her Twitter and Instagram account. It’s off the hook and she managed to put a smile upon your face with her uplifting attitude and sense of humor.

She is truly someone we should watch closely in 2018 and I’m very proud of what she have accomplish so far.

Here the link to the Vogue UK article about Tala. It’s a really good read and the pictures are so beautiful and truly shown Tala’s personality.


The world will be totally hook on Tala!

I promise you that.



Dear Carolyn

Dear Carolyn,


You captivated my 11 years old mind when I saw this picture while waiting in lign at the grocery store with my sweet mom.

Just chilling

I said to myself she seem like a laid back girl and cool while the rest of the world was wondering who’s that girl. For me, I was just thinking I want to be as laid back and cool as her when I will all grown up.

As the time passed, the world saw you but you didn’t want to be the center of all this attention.


When I was a teenager, I was searching for a role model, a savior, someone to look up to. I was always constantly fighting the perception some people had of me. Maybe it was the case for you during that time too.

While reading What remains from your soul sister Carole, Fairytale interrupted from your alter ego, fiercely and loyal friend RoseMarie and the book JFK Jr, George and Me by your brother from another mother Matt, those books confirm the image I made of you. I had the feeling I gain a friend and your friends clearly love John and you.

You seem to had a wicked sense of humor and you didn’t seem to take yourself too seriously.

Funny faces

You were a lot described as a warm, passionate, kind, affectionate, badass, funny as hell, fierceless and unstoppable loyal friend. Long hours of girl talks, being there for Carole while Anthony was having a surgery, encouraging Matt and eating his bag of chips (a girl got to eat chips amen) and many more.

Years as passed by since you were gone with your love. Some people may wonder what if but I tell myself your family and friends had the chance to known a very special person in you. They will always  cherish the beautiful laughter, some tears and a lot of joy both of you brought to them.

Happy moments

Thank you Carolyn and thank you John.

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P.S. When we will meet, I will tell you all about The Chronicle and some funny stories that you wouldnt believe that happen in the twenty first century.



Poster of a girl

Don’t be surprise if you will read a lot of Chronicle this weekend.

You will hear an amazing interview with the great Denis Laramée. He is a visual artist with a amazing career and a wonderful storyteller.

On découvre et on discute

I will talk about the most exiting weekend of the year in Sports Entertainmemt. Wrestlemania baby! I’m thinking of doing a live chat.


Today, music will be my topic. I’m actually listening to one of my favorite album. Live it out from one of my favorite Canuks band Metric.


Poster of a girl is a classic. Emily Haines sing in English but talk in French. The song have this Blondie vibes with a millenium twist.


Here the link to their website:

Metric website

Music is my savior, my confort blanket and my soul. On this not so easy time , it did save my soul more than once.

But let’s be optimistic in this not so optimistic world right.

It’s Friday. Let’s do our happy dance. In my head, I’m doing an happy dance by listening to Monster Hospital by Metric. I fought the war, I fought the war  but the war won. Amazing lyrics!

Here a little montage video I did. Nothing fancy.

I fought the war, I fought the war but the war won. Stop for the love of God.

Rock sister


Walking on the wild side

This week will be wild in the city of a thousand church bells.


Again, it is fucking cold this morning. Yes, I sometime use this not so nice word but who said I was perfect.

Tomorrow with my girl Caitlin, the big storm won’t stop us meeting this super talented artist Paul Beaubrun. I can’t wait and I’m super nervous but in a good way.

Paul in his element

Actually on my ride to the train station to my other life in the academia (I’m a Cameleon), I’m listening to one of my favorite rock chickas and she does kick asses with her powerful guitar rifts, her lyrics and her soulful voice.


The name of the album is Lost Soul and her name is Anik Jean. I have the feeling with this album hearing a female version of my man David Bowie. But in the song No More Time, the song like a song that Radiohead could been playing. This girl is so versatile and I like it.

Here the link to her website:

Anik Jean Website

Ok I can hear you again guys saying every week she have to mention David Bowie. The answer is: YES!


I’m having a little haha imaginary moment. Can you imagine this band just for one show omg I have to share it with you.

Anik Jean, Melissa Auf Der Mar, Emily Haines holy macaroni. I have my little concert in my mind right now.

This week you will have a snowstorm of Chronicle.

Enjoy your week my peeps!



Soeurs, sisters, mothers and warriors

La première fois que j’ai entendu parler de Nadia était durant le mois de février 2016. Je ne pouvais pas comprendre dans ma tête comment un être humain aurait pu vivre toutes ces atrocités. Et le pire est qu’elle n’est pas la seule. Des milliers de femmes yazidis ont vécu ou vivre le même calvaire que notre chère Nadia. C’est atroce, frustrant et déconcertant. C’était un moment où ces paroles raisonnaient dans mon esprit ” I can’t believe the news today, I can’t close my eyes and make it go away”.

Dans un autre post, je parlerai plus en profondeur de son histoire qui m’a bouleversement touchée. Mais si vous avez la chance de lire cet article dans The Economist (je l’ai lu deux fois car la première fois, je pleurais sans arrêt), vous serez touché et ému je vous le promets.


Mais aujourd’hui, en cette Journée de la Femme, je mets l’accent sur :

Sa détermination


Sa force de caractère


Son courage


Sa fragilité



Son intelligence


Sa compassion


À deux, nous sommes encore plus forts

Team work tout le monde ensemble

Être là l’une pour l’autre no matter what


Je vais écrire cette phrase en anglais.

International Women Day should always be everyday sisterhood day.

As a woman, I want to stand up no matter with my mom, with my cousins, with my girlfriends and with every women all around the world.


This is Nadia’s website link:

Nadia Murad Website /site web

We need to be there for each other even when sometime it’s hard. Sisterhood for life.


Femmes de rêve, femmes d’espoir heureux


Ah ah, vous pensiez que je vous avais oublié et que les margaritas m’avaient rattrapé… Hélas non!

You would taught I would forget you guys and the few maragaritas cocktails were catching up on me… No no

Aujourd’hui, je décide de laisser parler les photos.

Today, I will let the pictures speak by themselves.

Ce sont des femmes fortes, courageuses, drôles et passionnantes que j’admire. Je n’ai pas pu mettre tous leurs photos comme ma maman, mes grandmamys, mes tantes, mes mentors au boulot. À vous les femmes de ma vie, merci de continuez à “shaper” la femme qui évolue en moi.

They are strong, courageous, funny and passionate women that I admire. I wish I could showcase my mamma, grandmothers,aunts, mentors and friends but I will respect their privacy. You know who you are. To all the women in my life known and unknown, I would like to thank you for shaping the woman I am becoming everyday.

Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy (CBK juste un mot en anglais: Ethereal

J’ai l’impression que le meilleur était à venir pour Carolyn.

Dans un autre post, je parlerais de cette femme que les médias ne connaissaient pas du tout et qu’elle était totalement l’opposé de leur description. Carolyn était une vraie amie pour son entourage. Dans une vie, on devrait tous avoir notre Carolyn.


I got the feeling was best to come regarding Carolyn. The media put a false representation of the person she was. When you hear her friends talking about her, she was the definition of the perfect loyal friend. We all need in our lifetime a friend like Carolyn.


Two books to read by her closest friends. You will laugh and you will cry. What remains from Carole Radziwill talk about her friendship with CBK.

But the love story between her husband and herself is magnificent. I won’t tell to much but I started to read again and it did hit me since my love is fighting the same fight as Anthony. This infamous July 1999 was a very tough summer for Carole. She lost her best friend, JFK jr and the love of her life all basically at the same time. While reading this book, you will feel the strength that kept her going.

Fairy tale interrupted from RoseMarie Torenzio is another good book to read. She was John Kennedy “Jr” assistant and one of his closest friend. Her honesty and her openness to share her story make this book really beautiful journey to read.


I realize while reading  both books that Carolyn was very lucky to have fiercely good friends like Carole and RoseMarie. Amen to sisterhood.


Maya Angelou

Une vie si enrichissante et des poésies si touchantes.


She had such an amazing life that it is inspiring. Her poems are so touching and beautiful. Such a beautiful soul.

Maya Angelou website

Michelle Obama, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, Lauren Bastide, Dominique Anglade et Régine Chassagne

Ces femmes sont des combattantes à mes yeux. Tous ont eu des épreuves, des défis et parfois des tragédies qui ne les ont pas empêcher de continuer à affronter leurs combats.

Une a dû se faire une place dans un monde où les hommes ont souvent eu le monopole, une autre femme s’est battue contre des troubles alimentaires et n’a pas eu peur d’en parler avec les médias et le monde entier.

Et celle qui a dit à toutes les jeunes filles américaines que c’est le temps de prendre notre santé en main tout en acceptant comme nous sommes dans la joie.


Il y a une de ces femmes qui a  quitté une carrière pour une émission très populaire et qui était une rédactrice en chef hors-pair pour un magazine très populaire pour créer un podcast tout à fait féminin. Et durant son podcast, elle demande à ses interlocutrices comment est leur relation avec leur utérus.  J’appelle ça avoir de l’audace avec un grand A.

La Poudre Postcast

Some of them cherish their mother tongue language that is Creole and to be really proud to be a Haitian and singing proudly so the whole world can hear it. In each of those women, we can find a part of ourselves. Let continue to encourage them in their charities that they are doing it with love and passion.

Kanpe foundation website

Lee Radziwill

One sentence to describe Lee Radziwill. Elegance, an adorable sense of humour and this eternal class and aura about her. We always talk about Jacqueline Kennedy but me, Lee was and it’s still the case until now, my favorite Bouvier sister.

Jane Goodall

I’m in love with Jane Goodall. I can’t never thank enough my 2nd grade teacher when she show us a documentary about her and her love for champazes. It was actually a precious gift this documentary that I will treasure for the rest of my life.


Emmanuelle Alt, Franca Sozzani, Garance Doré

Emmanuelle Alt est la super cool éditrice en chef du Vogue France. Son côté super cool and laid back se font ressentir à travers de chaque page. Et il y a un petit grain de sel d’humour qui peut être subtile qu’on y retrouve également.


Vogue France site web

Franca était un pilier dans le monde de la mode. Elle a complètement revitalisé Vogue Italia a une époque où être différente des autres n’était pas la bienvenue. Le Black issue restera à tout jamais un exemplaire légendaire. Elle nous manque énormément à tous.

Garance est trop cool et en regardant ses vidéos Pardon my French, vous tombez déjà sur son charme. Lire son livre et son blog, vous avez l’impression de chiller avec  une copine.

Site web de Garance Doré

Angelina Jolie

Her heart of gold, her goal to help others, her audacity to make movies about subject that we may not have found comfortable talking about it make her in my mind a gentle warrior.

Like us, she didn’t have it always easy but when she is always fighting for her children, for her cause and for her conviction. Sa beauté intérieure est contagieuse. Merci Angelina.

La Poudre

À quoi pensez-vous quand vous entendez le mot la poudre?


Moi, j’entendais la poudre à joue, la poudre  à pâte et à de la coke. Et oui, I know. Cocaine is a hell of a drug. Mais depuis que j’ai découvert le postcast La Poudre de Lauren Bastide, ce mot a pris toute une autre signification.



J’adore son style sans aucune prétention et comment elle  entame ses conversations avec son interlocuteur. Quand tu écoutes ses entrevues, tu as l’impression d’être autour d’une table dans un petit café sympa avec nos copines.

Il y a cette familiarité contagieuse qui est un style que j’aime bien et que moi-même je vais continuer à utiliser pour mes entrevues.

Quand est-ce que tu es devenue femme?


Elle pose toujours cette question qui porte à réflexion. Et les différentes réponses des femmes de différents parcours rendent cette question tellement intéressante. J’avoue que je n’ai jamais eu de copines qui m’ont posé cette question. Les filles, attendez-vous que durant nos soupers de filles elle sera posée cette question. Merci Lauren!


Lauren est une journaliste remarquable et elle a tout un parcours. Elle était journaliste du Grand Journal et en France, c’est big le Grand Journal.


En plus, elle était l’ancienne rédactrice en chef du Elle France ” wow!”.  Et le 1er décembre 2016, elle fait un 180 et décide de lancer dans le monde du podcast. Ce podcast féministe est vrai, audacieux, réaliste et on entend les vraies affaires.


Je me rappelle de son entrevue avec Garance et Garance pose la question est-ce qu’on connaît notre vagin? Oh, question choc pour certains mais ça ne devrait pas. Ça vous donne une idée du style d’entrevue. C’est un souper de filles qu’on suit avec nous. Je remarque que je fais souvent référence à Garance (ma déesse des blogs).

Voici le lien de sa rencontre avec sa grande amie Lauren (vivre l’amitié):

In her words Lauren at Garance Dore.com

La Poudre, c’est nous les femmes d’aujourd’hui avec nos forces et nos faiblesses, nos rires, nos réussites, nos défis et surtout, le pouvoir de se soutenir les unes les autres.


Lauren est le capitaine de ce beau bateau qui nous fera voyager à travers de ses rencontres.


La Poudre Podcast