The first time I discover Dhani was actually during the concert tribute of his father. He was jamming with such an ease surrounding by Eric Clapton, Billy Preston, Paul McCartney and Jeff Lynne. I was intrigue.

Concert for George

A few years later, at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame for the induction of his father, he was jamming with Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty. When Prince join the trio, his face, his smile show me that he is like the rest of us.

Dhani, Prince, Jeff and Tom Rock n Roll Hall of Fame video

He was as much amazed as everyone that was witnessing this precious moment.


I knew from that moment he was one special musician. You must wonder why I said that.

For your blues

It’s actually his humbleness and his love for creating beautiful music that had me at hello.

He learn from the best of the best. He got some amazing professors and it’s shown in his work and in his passion for the music he create.

Thenewno2 is a pure example of his musicoly knowledge. The album The Fear of Missing Out is still one of the album I listen the most. The waitaround track is just a phenomenal song featuring Doctor Digital himself aka RZA.

May 1st week

This album was a sneak peak of what may come for us.

Dhani Harrison

And two weeks ago while I was reading The Rolling Stones, I was happy to hear that Dhani is working on his first solo album. I’m curious with whom he may collaborate and the vibe of this album.


If you haven’t got the chance to listen to his work on the motion picture soundtrack of the Beautiful Creatures, please have a listen. It’s such an ethereal album.

With a new album, let hope he will be touring and comeback to our beautiful city. I will let you know about the name of his album and his tour date.

The son has come.

Father and Son

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